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Reporter’s notebook: Hadoop, cloud testing and more

Perhaps the most famous Big Data technology, Hadoop has gained a following over the years led by Web giants such as Yahoo and Facebook. As time goes on, Hadoop adoption continues to climb. Still, its complexity has made it difficult for smaller enterprises to jump on the bandwagon.

That might be changing.  This week, multiple software companies introduced tools aimed at easier management, scalability and integration of Hadoop within the enterprise.

Pervasive Software Inc. rolled out Pervasive Data Integrator v10 – Hadoop Edition, designed to enable users to more easily transfer business data to and from Hadoop-based big data stores. The product addresses the challenging task of flowing non-Hadoop data into Hadoop, a framework often noted for its lack of visual data integration tooling.

Similarly, MapR Technologies Inc. released Version 2.0 of the MapR Distribution, a tool that provides increased monitoring, management, isolation and security for Hadoop. Some of its more notable features include central logging and multi-tenancy support, which both aim to enhance control and visibility of Hadoop data.

Also this week, cloud testing took the fore.

SOASTA announced its CloudTest Mobile platform, providing test automation for iOS, including iOS 6. CloudTest resides inside the app, an approach designed to allow developers to test apps as new mobile operating systems are released.

Also on the testing front, at Cloud Expo in New York, Parasoft Corp. showcased the latest release of Parasoft Virtualize, a service virtualization tool. The product aims to allow development and QA teams easier access to environments needed to test applications.

On another note, UShareSoft announced UForge App Store at the same expo. The platform is a collaborative, multi-cloud app store for enterprise IT applications. With its release, UShareSoft hopes to ease the delivery of software and application to the on-premise cloud. The spread of so-called app stores may betoken a trend of  ‘consumerization’ of IT, as updates are shared using now-familiar Smart phone methods. -Stephanie Mann

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