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RightScale and Apica tackle cloud services integration testing

As cloud computing and mobile services grow, the potential cost of poor performance becomes a greater issue. Yet, testing of newly integrated cloud services is just getting off the ground. A recent partnership between cloud computing provider RightScale and European load testing and performance-monitoring house Apica looks to address the issue.

The cloud by itself is scalable, says Sven Hammar, CEO for Apica. But applications can run very differently on different cloud vendors’ platforms. And some of the same issues that tracked application hosting providers can surface in certain cloud settings. Take for example the ‘noisy neighbor.’  Cloud is meant to handle spiky phenomena such as Super Bowl marketing campaigns. But if your apps are co-located near that suddenly surging campaign, it can be a problem for your app’s performance.

”Sometimes you have a noisy neighbor. Adequate online performance monitoring can detect if you are located next to, for example, a busy campaign site,” said Hammar.  The questions that need to be answered are not unfamiliar to veterans. How many concurrent users can I handle? Where are my bottlenecks? What happens when you update the cache?

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