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SOA Software Portfolio Manager builds on Logic Library purchase

SOA Software earlier this month entered the world of SOA Governance planning with SOA Software’s Portfolio Manager. The objective is to help companies plan and prioritize services creation.

This is the company’s first release of Portfolio Manager, which is based on repository management technology associated with Logic Library, a company SOA Software purchased last year.

“Portfolio is based on Logic Library technology, but it is very different,” said Ian Goldsmith, VP, Product Marketing, SOA Software. It supports different goals and different roles, he said. The software helps enterprise architects decide “what they should be building and when they should build it,” he said.

Portfolio Manager supports top-down modeling and analysis, application inventory discovery, service identification, and prioritization – while working as part of SOA Software’s unified SOA Governance automation suite.

It’s fundamental purpose, said Goldsmith, “is to make sure customers are effectively aligning the services they build with strategic investments.”

That could be more useful than ever, as corporations navigate difficult financial waters.

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