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SOA acquisition week: Progress adds Mindreef

You wouldn’t know the mergers and acquisitions market on Wall Street was in the doldrums if you were just watching Progress Software Corp. this week.

First, Progress snapped up IonaTechnologies Inc., adding Iona’s Artix ESB technology and CORBA legacy customer base. Then on Friday Progress announced that it has also purchased Mindreef Inc., the privately-held vendor of testing and service validation tools for service-oriented architecture (SOA), for an undisclosed price.

The Progress acquisition of Mindreef almost got lost in the hoopla surrounding the purchase of Iona, wrote analyst Joe McKendrick on his ZDNet blog on Thursday. He pointed out the importance of Mindreef’s philosophy of reaching out with its tools to practically everyone involved in SOA development.

“Mindreef’s emphasis has been on enabling professionals from all sides of SOA – architects, developers, and managers – to better collaborate on service design and implementation,” McKendrick wrote.

Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst, ZapThink LLC., who earlier in the week said the Iona deal made good sense for Progress, also saw value in the Mindreef acquisition.

“Both the Mindreef and IONA deals are great moves for Progress,” Bloomberg said. “Governance, quality, and management are more important to SOA success than middleware is, so it’s a great sign that they’re adding SOA quality to the mix.”

Change management is a crucial piece of SOA that appears to be missing in many vendor offerings, the ZapThink analyst noted. 

“After all, unless you enable broad-based service consumption and composition in environments of continual change, which is what SOA is all about, you can’t have effective SOA. It’s surprising that more SOA infrastructure companies haven’t made a deeper investment in SOA governance, quality, and management solutions, since they will rapidly realize that the success of their SOA initiatives depend on successfully addressing those issues.”

 This week’s acquisitions of Iona and Mindreef were a win-win for Progress in Bloomberg’s view.

“Progress is doing a great job of rounding out its SOA offerings by adding Mindreef’s SOA quality solutions to the mix,” the ZapThink analyst said.

In a statement released on Friday regarding the Mindreef acquisition, Progress said it was adding three Mindreef tools to its Actional SOA Management product line:

  • SOAPscope Server
  • SOAPscope Architect
  • SOAPscope Developer

Progress and Mindreef are planning a Webinar in mid-July to further explain how the products will fit together, according to McKendrick.

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Rich, Just a quick point to make sure there is no confusion. Mindreef currently has four products, and ALL are being added to the Progress SOA Portfolio. Where they fit in our overall strategy has not yet been announced, though that is currently scheduled for the 14th. The one product you missed was SOAPscope Tester. Of course, while we haven't announced where Mindreef will fall in the portfolio, anyone paying attention will realize that Actional has been partnering with Mindreef for 5 years, and with the news confirmed by Dan Foody on our blog... Well, 'nuff said before I get myself in trouble. David Bressler Progress Actional Product Evangelist