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SOA and EA at The Open Group Boston conference

Sometimes the news is that there is nothing new. We saw an example of that recently.

‘’The exciting thing is that there is nothing new and exciting,’’ said Dr. Chris Harding. With that statement the forum director of the SOA Work Group ironically observed that the hype and ballyhoo of early SOA has given way to a new period where SOA is how you do things if you are an enterprise looking for repeatable results.

Implementation stories, information transfer and experiential practices now form the SOA conversation, and ballyhoo is in much shorter supply. ‘’It’s about how you use it – what people are doing,’’ said Harding. Such was much the tenor at The Open Group Conference in Boston last week, where Harding spoke.

At the event SOA remained a major consideration. Important too were sessions on security, cloud computing and enterprise architecture. Like SOA, EA seems to be going through a new stage of evolution too. Funny, the underlying issues are much the same. Enterprise architects must work to achieve balance between immediate deliverables and long term process improvements, just as the successful services architect must do. Author and researcher Jeanne Ross of MIT told The Open Group crowd that EA was still in some part an art form and that, at the core, the art of EA is figuring out how to meet short-term needs while building for the long term. Read more on Ross in ”Enterprise architecture goes agile?” on the SearchSOA site.

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