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SOA governance, cloud computing and trust

Governance is one of the essential elements of SOA. It is also one of those aspects of SOA that is likely to come to the fore in cloud computing. Service dependencies that are inherent in composite applications are hard enough to track as it is. There is every reason to believe these dependencies will be just as imprtant to understand and track as appliation move to the cloud architecture, whether that is a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid.

Familiar SOA voice David Linthicum recently discussed these issues with writer Alan Earls for a piece entitled “Application integration expert Linthicum on cloud computing.” Linthicum told Earls you need the ability to look at services to make sure they are alive, healthy and working together. “If just one service goes down, it can bring down the other services and applications that are dependent on it,” he said. Check it out.

In “Cloud governance: Learning from SOA,” Earls speaks with several individuals closely following cloud computing. Among these is Joe McKendricks, another very familiar SOA voice. Trust, that old human standby, will be key in the cloud says McKendricks. “Without trust that the service will perform as promised, in a secure, reliable way, there can be no effective business value to a service. That’s a lesson learned the hard way in SOA work over the past decade, and it’s a lesson that needs to be revisited in the cloud era,” he says.

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