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SOA in Action: Navigating SOA, Integration and the Cloud virtual event

We wanted to update you on our June 2, 2011 ”SOA in Action: Navigating SOA, Integration and the Cloud” Virtual Trade Show. We have just added noted SOA practitioner Melvin Greer to the event’s panel. We are sure that you will benefit from Greer’s and other participants’ take on SOA and cloud computing — two key and somewhat intertwined architectures of the day.

Melvin Greer is senior fellow and SOA chief architect at Lockheed Martin. Importantly, he is a member of the Government Cloud Computing Community of Interest and the OMG’s recently formed working group on cloud computing standards. Through his practice, and as one of a very few in the forefront of cloud standards work to date, Greer has gained unique experience in actual cloud use cases.

Greer joins expert and Bick Group CTO and Founder David Linthicum on our end-of-the-day panel entitled, ”What can go wrong with data in the cloud.” No, we won’t just look at failures; in fact, there are aspects of merit in cloud computing. But, we will follow the story where it takes us. Have your questions ready, please!

There is much more to the event, of course. Forrester’s Randy Hefner will consider how to combine cloud computing and SOA for economic advantage. Gartner’s Daryl Plummer will look at the new forms that integration takes as you move from SOA to the cloud and beyond. Lustratus Group’s Steve Craggs will discuss SOA-based cloud security, governance and performance. And the aforementioned David Linthicum will dissect the data integration challenges that come with the cloud.

Surging interest in cloud computing has swept up many a CEO. Architects, CTOs and development managers must be ready to create a cloud and SOA playbook. Our event is designed to help you in that pursuit. The Virtual Trade Show can be viewed from just about any place with Internet access. For more information, follow this link: ”SOA in Action: Navigating SOA, Integration and the Cloud.” Remember, it is set for June 2, 2011. Sign up now. We hope you can be there.

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