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Those of you who have been longtime readers might have noted our recent name change to The shift was inevitable and, being totally honest, we probably should have made the change a long time ago.

Certainly our coverage has been focused on service-oriented architecture since late 2004. Web services are an important adjunct to that, but we long ago devoted our resources to the big architectural picture rather than the integration plumbing issues in this area. In essense, is a proper statement of who we are and who we’ve been for quite some time.

In terms of our topics of coverage, nothing is changing. In our taxonomy, we have broken down the SOA topic into four main areas — strategy, governance, infrastructure and data architecture — in order to make for better navigation of the site, but our writers have long been on top of those subjects. It should be noted that we fully intend to continue to cover Web services, standards and integration like we always have.

In terms of what to expect from the site, the answer is more. We’ll be adding numerous blogs beyond this one. We’ve got new lessons coming in our Service Orientation for Architects School. We’re going to be trotting more columns and a brand new bookshelf page along with reader quizzes and contests.

In other words, what you can expect from is what you got from with the volume cranked to 11. We pride ourselves in being the top site on the Internet for independent coverage of SOA. That won’t change, we’re just upping the ante. Make sure to check in daily at the homepage because it will be constantly restocked with news you can’t afford not to use.

Michael Meehan, Site Editor,

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Looks much better now. Just keep in mind that SOA in an architecture, not just some new technology fad. I have seen too many architectures come and go because they got specialized to one or another area and the whole picture was forgotten. In SOA everyone in chain should understand that it is both business and technology together, one without other is doomed ( and very painful and expensive. ) Anyway, good work and the more we get the word out, the better it will go, I have my hopes but also my doubts.