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Snaplogic opens an 'app store' for data integration

The folks at SnapLogic opened SnapStore this month, which is a bit like an Apple App Store, for their data integration product. The company’s product takes a platform-neutral approach to data integration, which they prefer to call “data flow.” Generalized to deploy on-premises or in the cloud, SnapLogic components use a REST interface to communicate.

With SnapStore, the company’s open framework allows anyone to build an extension and profit from it.

“So if you have expertise in SAP, you can easily build an API and check it into the SnapStore,” said Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic’s CEO. “If somebody wants to use that application, they just buy it from the SnapStore.”

SnapLogic has approached data integration with a product that it says will deploy in just about any environment. It is when more advanced integration is needed – like getting legacy systems to interface with Facebook – that custom tooling needs to be done. Dhillon’s hope is that a developer community will arise to address compatibility with the “jungle of application types” that exists today.

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