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SoaML targets top-down, bottom up or meet-in-the-middle modeling

Signs are beginning to appear pointing the way to SoaML, an OMG-backed specification meant to bring a new type of modeling capability to the service-oriented world.

SoaML’s goal is to provide SOA modeling of services within UML, without making changes to UML. As part of that, the spec seeks to support services architectures where different parties use multiple services and where services can be defined to contain other services. Mappings to business process specs are also in store, notably BPDM and BPMN.

Anyone concerned about an over-bearing top-down modeling regimen in SoaML can take heart in its claimed adherence to either top-down, bottom up or meet-in-the-middle modeling.

The SoaML has been percolating for awhile, with more details due in 2009. Just recently, a wiki of sorts has been formed for all things SoaML. A complete working doc is available as a PDF from OMG. And for the over-the-top would-be SoaML enthusiast there is a background feature on the making of the SoaML logo on the Yaya-Colour blog.

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