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Software AG builds "social BPM platform" out of IDS Scheer purchase

Enterprise IT vendors sure have been busy trying to make their products more “social” lately. At the CeBIT conference in Germany last week, Software AG released the beta version of what it is calling a “social BPM platform.” This entails a set of features that leverage cloud computing to allow collaborators to work together across organizational and geographic lines.

The offering, ARISalign, is built on top of Amazon Web Services and makes use of the ARIS technology that Software AG acquired in the purchase of IDS Scheer in July. The social network component provides groups and forums where users can collaborate with project stakeholders and communicate with other users, even those outside of the enterprise.

As in a social network like LinkedIn, users can develop a professional profile, add a picture and message one another. Since the product is run from a cloud computing environment, users access it through a browser. The company is sending the message that ARISalign is easy enough to use that employees in just about any department can have some bearing on process discovery.

Even so, the primary function of ARISalign seems limited to process discovery and modeling without execution. Does your enterprise spend enough time modeling business processes to need an internal community built around it?

While Software AG is calling this platform the “Facebook of BPM,” there is no word yet on whether users will have the option to send a “poke” to fellow collaborators or tag them in a photo.

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