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Software architecture on display at upcoming TheServerSide Java Symposium

An upcoming event I’d like to discuss is the TheServerSide Java Symposium next month in Las Vegas. The event is put on by our sister site, Site Editor Cameron MacKenzie and Group Executive Editor Jan Stafford have worked with Java experts such as Jeff Genender, Reza Rahman and others to fashion a fabulous program. Among the keynotes are presentations by Spring Framework creator Rod Johnson, Oracle middleware maven Adam Messinger and no less a personage than Java language creator James Gosling.

An area of special interest here for us is the architecture track. In several ways it reflects the fact that messaging middleware is growing as an influence in Java design. At the event, the aforementioned Jeff Genender will discuss “ActiveMQ in the Trenches,” with a focus on tips on architectures and implementations. VMWare Engineer Mark Fisher will look at developing a message-driven architecture using the increasingly popular Spring framework. And, independent Consultant Heath Kesler will cover ways to communicate across Camel OSGI bundles in ServiceMix.

Whether you are diving into cloud architecture or not, you are no doubt working with REST and caching stratagems these days. That makes it a good time to learn from experts at the symposium who can discuss these stratagems in an enterprise computing context. To that end, RedHat’s Bill Burke will look at the relationship between RESTful applications and traditional middleware services. For his part, Reza Rahman will discuss leveraging caching across enterprise application tiers to achieve better scalability as applied in enterprise development tools such as Java EE and Spring.

The symposium is scheduled for March 16-18 at Caesar’s Palace. It is always a good time when the best and brightest of Java descend on Las Vegas just as St Patrick’s Day happens and the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is getting underway. It is always fun when worlds collide.

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