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Son of Summer of SOA - Will cloud displace Enterprise IT?

The reduced pace of the summer seems to bring out the morbid curiosity in some of the best and brightest of SOA analysis. Last summer, if you recall, SOA began its death march, which culminated at the end of the year (when things are really really slow) with the pronouncement that “SOA is dead…”

Then, there was a lot of soul searching – serious and otherwise – which culminated in … well it really didn’t culminate in anything particular.  Just a fair consensus that news of SOA’s death was greatly exaggerated.

So, recently, the analysis crew chose its words carefully as it debated the notion that cloud computing might lead to the ”imminent demise” of enterprise IT. You can read about it at BriefingsDirect. There was no strong consensus yet that IT was dead. But it’s just summer.

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