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SpringSource moves dmServer to Eclipse, "OSGi not ready for the enterprise"

SpringSource CTO Adrian Coyler recently wrote that his company submitted a proposal to move development of its dm Server over to, henceforth known as the Virgo project. In explaining why this up-and-coming technology was turned over to Eclipse, Coyler said OSGi may show a lot of promise, but it is still too complex for most enterprises.

While the dm Server follows the rising trend in modular application development, Coyler said at this point OSGi is the sort of framework a company invests in to see a payback over time. Most enterprise application development, however, looks to solve problems in a more quick and agile fashion.

On TheServerSide, a popular forum in the Java community, many of those commenting on a related post shared this view. Reza Rahman said OSGi is still more applicable in embedded systems than at the enterprise level:

I agree that OSGi is still years away from becoming mainstream, so this is probably a good move on part of both SpringSource and wider acceptance of dmServer if it is really to become something developers adopt in significant numbers. Personally, I think OSGi as it stands today is more applicable in its embedded systems roots than it is in the enterprise, so an Eclipse project is a much better fit in the scheme of things.

Erik Kristiansen of IBM Websphere said an easy-to-use programming model for OSGi is closer than many realize. He said IBM is working to bring OSGi to Websphere customers and currently has an OSGi Application Open Alpha available.

Some others said OSGi is intriguing but that they have not used it because of its complexity. One of the major issues developers seem to have with OSGi are the class loader behaviors

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