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Steve Mills on Oracle and Java

At an IBM press conference at the Impact Smart SOA Conference 2009 in Las Vegas the topic turned – briefly, albeit – to Oracle’s purchase of Sun.

Many have wondered about the future of Java in Oracle’s hands. What does IBM software leader Steve Mills think?

“I don’t believe we are going to see a fundamental change. I don’t have a concern,” said Mills. “Oracle obviously becomes the new steward, if you will.”

IBM has been said to be frustrated by the pace of standards related to Java. Mills said Oracle has felt those frustrations too. “Oracle has been among those thinking Sun could move more effectively,” he said.

Some individuals voiced concern about Sun in IBM’s portfolio; reportedly, the companies seriously pursued a merger that did not happen. Still others worried about Sun in Oracle’s suite. Mills voiced no such distress.

Mills pointed to the fact that many companies licensee Java as a leavening factor for Java going forward.

“We think the forces at play in the market will keep Java as something standard and consistent and widely deployed,” he told those gathered at the Impact press conference.

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