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TSSJS 2010: Why resource-oriented ESBs can save SOA projects

by SearchSOA staff

Have any of your SOA projects failed to meet requirements and expectations? You’re not alone, but the good news is that the resource-oriented architecture (ROA) and enterprise service bus (ESB) technologies can put your SOA projects on the right track.

In a session at TheServerSide Java Symposium this week, Jeremy Deane explained the connection between ROA, ESBs and winning SOA projects. Deane is technical architect of Collaborative Consulting. He described ROA services’ transport capabilities and security authentication and authorization, among other aspects of ROA.

An ESB, Deane said, is a less expensive platform for service provisioning than JBOWS (Just a Bunch of Web Services). JBOWS ends up being a “spaghetti service architecture” that’s easy to implement but hard to manage. ESB middleware, on the other hand, pulls service provisioning together and separates service providers from users.

In this video, Deane lists the key benefits of resource-oriented ESBs, as well as key concepts.

You can view Deane’s presentation
and, on that same site see other TSS Java Symposium presentations.

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