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The I in BPM

Something old, business process man­agement, has been made new again by the addi­tion of a lowercase i. This three-part guide shows how and why adding cloud services and analytics to BPM will make it intelligent BPM, a must-have technology for many businesses. Why? iBPM promises to smooth business pro­cess workflow in hybrid computing settings where business logic and data run across many platforms.

Veteran IT reporters Christine Parizo and George Lawton explore the evolution of iBPM and its many uses for businesses. Parizo explains why iBPM is poised for widespread adoption and describes how it’s already being used. Lawton looks into iBPM’s backstory and many vendors’ plans for iBPM products.

Intelligent BPM adds data analytics and workflow collaboration capabilities to BPM’s traditional process workflow management system, say IT veterans in Parizo’s article on what is driving iBPM adoption. By bringing together various forms of intelligence capabili­ties, iBPM facilitates easier business process design, monitoring, analysis, execution and optimization.

As iBPM, BPM rises from the hype ashes, where it resided with SOA for a spell, say industry watchers in George Lawton’s article on the emergence of new cloud iBPM products. As recently as last year, IT pundits proclaimed that both SOA and BPM would be killed off by cloud. Instead, both technologies are viable today because they leverage services in business, on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud environments to support business needs.

Finally, i buyers beware. That lowercase i is a popular way to hype a technology enhance­ment, but the i can stand for many things. The fad kicked into warp drive with Apple’s iMac, or Internet Mac, and has continued to thrive even though Internet connectivity is ubiquitous across devices today. The little i stands for intelligent in iBPM, for integration in iPaaS or IBM’s iSeries, for invisible in iMail and so on. The fad won’t stop, even though iWant it to.