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The changing state of APIs

At work today is a new breed of API. It relies on SOA, but has a new twist. The open or Web API movement has a capacity to dramatically change the status quo, altering the relationships of business leaders and developers, organizations and consumers. In a recent interview with, Alistair Farquharson talked about APIs, and discussed new trends in API management. Farquharson, CTO, SOA Software Inc., sees a sea-change a’ coming.

On the current state of APIs—and how they compare to old-fashioned SOA— Farquharson said:

I like the fact that APIs are simpler and more accessible. I like the fact that APIs are more community-oriented. A developer is far more attuned to a Facebook-like experience of collaboration than a UDDI registry. I like those kinds of trends around API management. I like the fact that discovery is completely revolutionized. I think the security mechanisms are simpler, and it remains to be seen how complicated things are going to be over time.

He added that new shifts in API management are shining a spotlight on developers:

I don’t think SOA was ever focused on the developer. API management has driven some focus toward the developer. The business likes this because the developer…is probably building some cool apps that are going to make them some money. It’s nice and neat if you look at it from that perspective.

Read more about our discussion with Farquharson here: Farquharson on API management: “Focus on business-developer relationship”. –Stephanie Mann

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