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Tibco updates Spotfire in-memory analytics package

Middleware giant TIBCO Software Inc has launched TIBCO Spotfire 3.1, described as an updated in-memory analytics platform for predictive analytics. The package now supports services that allow central deployment and execution of models based on S+ and R programming languages for statistical app creation.

Spotfire is an analytics program that allows workers in different disciplines to connect to various data sources and to drag and drop data, according to Gil Allouche, product marketing manager, Tibco Spotfire group. “It can visualize the data for you in very intuitive ways, and you can save [those data visualizations] to the Web and interact via a zero-foot-print client,” said Allouche. Similarly, an open-source R or proprietary S+ statistical model can be accessed as a service and then pasted and saved to a server.

Such software is used extensively in life sciences, government, financial services and energy markets. Now that it is part of the Tibco stable – – it acquired Spotfire in 2007 – it is expected to appear in more and more enterprise applications that feature Complex Event Processing (CEP).

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