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Tired of IT support calls? Here's a thought

When you’re an IT department of two, with 150 outside sales folks plus 150 people in the building, everything just needs to work.

Too bad that really doesn’t happen very often. And Jesse Davis, network admin for pharmaceutical company Derma Tran (a job he recently left), was reaching the breaking point. The company was using Citrix Xen to run its virtual desktops and between needing an extra layer of virtual desktops to run the virtual apps (which was costly), the map drives failing, restrictions the company couldn’t change and endless errors the tiny IT staff was spending virtually all of their time simply putting out fires.

Davis decided it was time for a change and looked at cloud provider dinCloud and its options for virtual private data centers. Dave Graffia, vice president of sales for dinCloud, explained that simplicity, cost and performance are what brings customers looking for help. “The whole process of building a data center from scratch is just becoming overwhelming now in a way it hasn’t been before,” he said. “There are lots of moving parts, R&D, capital investment and so many layers. Our best customers end up being those people who tried it and then came to us for help.”

Cost of course is also incredibly important. Graffia pointed to a Gartner Group study that showed desktops cost companies $300 to $500 a month. Virtual desktops are of course much less pricey, and using dinCloud, companies can provision or de-provision quickly. And thanks to good tracking, the dreaded “cloud cost creep” shouldn’t be an issue.

“From an IT perspective, the virtual workspace is very easy to use,” Davis said. “Now we take maybe 10 percent of the calls we used to.” In fact, his small team is now able to tackle some other niggling jobs — like email encryption and remote device management — and eventually they’re hoping to redo the camera system around the entire compound.

Choosing a workable solution has changed everything for the IT team, Davis stressed. “It has made the world of difference for us. We’ve gone from being constantly on the phone with the cloud provider to being the Maytag Man.”