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Trawling for Impact: BPM BlueWorks, IBM CloudBurst

Hey everyone, first things first: Did you give your mother a Private Cloud for Mother’s Day? Ok, now on with the show.

The blogosphere was abuzz with IBM Impact chatter last week. Much centered on the company’s announcement of the CloudBurst private cloud appliance. But there was a lot of guff about IBM’ BPM BlueWorks business modeling as a cloud service as well. There is not a full consensus on ‘what the cloud is’ or ‘what BPM in the cloud is,’ by any means. Guess that makes it interesting.

What is the Web view of IBM Impact? Well there was a lot going on on the Web. There follows a very small sampling.

CloudBurst automates the management of virtual servers “which can be very labor intensive,” notes Robin Bloor. He goes on to say that CloudBurst “is a productivity device. In this market you need to deliver quick payback and this product will probably do that.”

Analyst Dana Gardner’s assertion was that IBM in the cloud with BPM was the major take away of Impact. Big Blue announced BPM BlueWorks, which is a modeling tool set available as a service via – you guessed – the cloud.

Boffo BPM backer and blogger Bruce Silver concurs with Gardner.

… IBM bills BPM BlueWorks as a BPM community in the cloud, and it is that, plus a lot more. Actually, I think its greatest immediate impact could be to transform the market for business process analysis (BPA) tools.

Hope we can try out BPM BlueWorks and get back to you on that topic later. Here on SOATalk we’d offer this take on CloudBurst: Would you want to bet the CloudBurst specs were writ up by IBM Global Services after doing a handful of private cloud engagements? And that the immediate targets are pools of developers and testers that are being charged to do cloud test beds?

Impact was about more than BPM and the cloud, of course. IBM proved very adept at connecting SOA with BPM and the cloud, and connecting all of the above with the notion of working smarter and more efficiently. IBM’s defense of SOA was strikingly conveyed by software head Steve Mills, and Joe McKendrick on the SOA Oriented blog has it in full detail. Read ‘Find me a company not interested in SOA principles’ to get the full skinny.

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