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VMware and Google team up for Spring Java cloud computing platform

A new alliance between Google and VMware announced at the Google I/O conference this week will allow Spring Java developers to run their applications on Google App Engine.

Google AppEngine was one of the first public cloud platforms to offer support for Java, but the degree to which it supported Java and its libraries was rather limited. Microsoft soon jumped in the fray with its Windows Azure offering – also supporting Java, but not as tightly as C#. Then recently, VMware teamed up with to bring Spring onto the cloud platform.

This latest announcement will bring tooling familiar to Spring developers into yet another cloud offering.’s Jo Maitland writes:

Developers will be able to write apps using Java development tools VMware obtained through its acquistion of SpringSource (including the SpringSource Tool Suite and Spring Roo) as well as Google’s Web Toolkit. These applications can be launched on Google App Engine for Business (a new, souped up version of App Engine with SSL security), or on any VMware vCloud service, or on VMforce, the previously announced Platform as a Service (PaaS) partnership between VMware and

While it may look like VMware is double-dipping, the company does seem to be positioning itself admirably against Microsoft by getting Spring onto a number of its competitors. Many larger enterprises remain reluctant to put sensitive data and mission-critical applications into public cloud environments. But I doubt that will slow down the current cloud computing arms race that is well underway.

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