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WSDL styles, mock objects, and SOAP UI

WSDL has been around long enough to take root in the form of different styles. That can play some havoc with generic testing. A recent conversation with Frank Cohen, founder of Push to Test, indicates that tools have taken notice of the WSDL ”dialects.”

The increasingly popular SOAP UI can wend its way through WSDL styles, according to Cohen. ”There are different styles of WSDL, depending on the tool or platform that generated it, ” he said. ”For example, Microsoft tends to use XML schemas in a certain way. SOAP UI understands that. It understands other different types of styles of WSDL as well. ”

SOAP UI has another special play related to larger development styles too. The headlong rush to Agile programming methods is a associated with a rebirth in unit testing. You may even write your tests before you write your app. But what do you do when you are developing but have no control over a service being developed elsewhere. Well the answer for many for the time being is to use mock objects. SOAP UI will create a mock object. This can serve, like some kinds of love, until the real thing comes along.

Read more about SOAP UI on Presented there is a list of SOAP UI reference data. And for those of you in the U.S., happy day after Thanksgiving! Tryptophan forever!

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