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What will be big with SOA in 2015?

With 2014 coming to an end, we close the door on an eventful year. Technologies such as Hadoop, Docker and microservices made their way into our everyday lexicon. Some tried and true predictions held on for another year.

For example, in an interview with Forrester’s principal analyst Brian Hopkins at the end of 2013 he asserted that mobile applications should make waves in 2014. “Everybody is suddenly realizing that the platform is not the differentiator, it’s the apps,” he said.

In many ways, Hopkins’ prediction was correct. Over the course of the year, mobile application development proved to be important, especially in corporate environments. Several enterprise architects and developers shared with how they selected tools to help them gain an edge in the mobile sphere.

Indeed, it appears that mobile technology, big data and the Internet of Things, took the spotlight in 2014 – a position they will likely hold for quite some time. Some experts assert that SOA should have been right up there in the limelight too, but ended up in the wings. In an interview with Christine Parizo, 451 Research’s Carl Lehman said, “SOA is a wallflower … It was brought to the dance, but it’s not on the dance floor.”

Poor SOA. Will 2015 be the year SOA is crowned king?

Given what some industry insiders recently said, it doesn’t sound like SOA per se is going to be voted most popular — yet again. It appears that flashy mobile technology and the cloud will be most thought of, even though SOA may be the true underpinning of how everything is synched together.

Although the term mircorservices may be relatively new, some experts, like Gartner vice president and senior analyst Anne Thomas, believe it’s going to become increasingly prevalent. “I think that a small number of people, maybe 10% of organizations, will start trying to play with microservices and bounded context during the next year,” she said.

In fact, Thomas said she feels that microservices really is just SOA, but under a different name. So maybe SOA really will edge upwards in popularity, just under a different guise.

What are your SOA trend predictions for 2015? What do you think should have happened in 2014 that didn’t?

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