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Will 'cloud' mark JVM ascent over Java (the language)?

Some have projected Java to be a likely language of the cloud. The thing is, within the Java community, there seems to be a vocal group that sees the Java Virtual Machine – rather than the Java language –  as the main contributor to future cloud architecture.

Advances over the years in non-Java language support on the JVM have made this a possibility. Nikita , CEO, GridGain, a company pursuing enterprise Java Grid computing since 2005, sees this as a key going forward.

“In my opinion, JVM on the cloud is a de facto standard,” said Ivanov.

“But I don’t know what the future for Java on the cloud is at all,” Ivanov told us, as the team recently worked on a report on Java and the cloud. “JVM-based languages such as Ruby and Scala will play an important part,” he said.

Ivanov admits he is somewhat biased – he tells us he is very impressed with the emerging Scala language. Then he goes on to say: “Scala is important in my opinion because it brings object orientation and functional [programming] together. It combines the best of both…it’s the best thing since sliced bread.” We told you he was a Scala fan! But we should note too: His firm is a strong Java house.

There is enough new about cloud computing to call for some new programming approaches. Notes Ivanov : “When you are on the cloud, developing for more than one computer, it really breaks many rules that we established in the development community for many years.”

For more on this topic, read Rob Barry’s write up on Java and the Google Cloud at

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