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Working from a script: WebLogic admin bells and whistles

By George Lawton

Oracle’s recent release of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) 11g ( includes significant improvements in the tools for administering WebLogic applications for Eclipse developers including new wizards and support for the WLST. Oracle’s Duncan Mills suggested that the most important new feature for many developers will be the new WLST scripting support. This support provides WebLogic administrators with the ability to create, edit and debug python scripts used for automating tasks within WebLogic.

In another post on getting started with WSLT and OEPE, Markus Eisle provides a shorter tutorial with a longer analysis. He said, “[Until recently], you were able to use WLST in basically three modes. Interactively, on the command line; in a text file – Script Mode; Embedded in Java code. The new OEPE release introduces a new project facet (Oracle WebLogic Scripting tools support) which enables you to write and execute your WLST scripts directly from and within OEPE.”

Meanwhile, GlassFish developers can see a demonstration on setting up GlassFish presented by the redoubtable Arun Gupta.

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