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XTP limits?

Extreme transaction processing (XTP) has limits that have nothing to do with its 500+ transactions per second performance.

The limits are in its applicability in applications, which may benefit from grid technology, but may not require extreme processing, says Mike Piech, senior director of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Speaking to SOATalk about Oracle’s new Application Grid product initiative integrating the Tuxedo transaction monitor (acquired along with BEA) with other in-memory data grid offerings, Piech said he isn’t pushing the XTP message because it might turn-off potential customers.

“In hanging too much on XTP there’s a potential for it [Application Grid] to be perceived as too narrow,” he explained. “There’s a potential for a customer to say: ‘My application isn’t necessarily extreme or it’s not transaction processing per se.’ The danger we felt was that driving too much from just XTP emphasizes the wrong things and sends the wrong message.”

This doesn’t mean that Oracle, one of the pioneers in XTP, is turning away from the technology.

“You’ll still hear us talking XTP where it makes sense and in context where customers see themselves as doing XTP and are looking for technologies that address XTP specific needs, Piech said. “But I would characterize the Application Grid story as more general than that.”

He noted that organization can benefit from the Application Grid technology even if they are not operating at levels that people might consider extreme.

IBM is taking a different approach to this issue having coined the term Business Event Processing (BEP) as explained this week in IBM WebSphere grows to include better Business Event Processing by Jack Vaughan.

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