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  • What will web apps do to family board game night?

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 20 Mar 2017
  • Since the introduction of Monopoly in the early 1900s, board games became a staple in households all around the world, acting as a huge form of entertainment even into the radio, TV and even ...

  • NGINX announces NGINX Plus R12

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 15 Mar 2017
  • NGINX, Inc. has announced the availability of NGINX Plus Release 12 (R12), the latest release of its application delivery platform. According to a press release from NGINX, R12 is aimed at ...

  • Microservices and SOA: Making them get along

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 10 Feb 2017
  • Enterprises may often be exposed to rhetoric regarding moving away a SOA-based software strategy and adopting a more microservices-focused approach. Whether you see microservices as the next ...

  • Readers, say hello to SearchMicroservices.com

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 16 Jan 2017
  • SearchSOA.com will soon be known by a new moniker: SearchMicroservices.com. Learn about the upcoming changes and what to expect from the new site.

  • Looking back: SOA Talk in 2016

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 17 Dec 2016
  • As we get closer to the year's end, let's take a look at some of most popular topics we've covered on SOA Talk in 2016. Based on your readership, here are the top five most popular posts this year: ...

  • Web vs. native: The debate rages on

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 28 Oct 2016
  • Web vs. native may be one of the biggest debates in the software development community. From a cost perspective alone, it seems like web will always win, but there are a lot of factors to consider ...

  • Should we say hello to DBPM?

    Fred Churchville - TechTarget 18 Oct 2016
  • If there's one thing the business tech community is fond of, it's adding letters to acronyms. We've seen it with things like iBPM, MBaaS and DevSecOps. It looks like we may have a new one in our ...