BEST (Business / Enterprise State Transfer)

Contributor(s): Randall Nagy

BEST (Business/Enterprise State Transfer) is an approach for exchanging content with a Web site by re-using traditional HTTP forms and protocols

By leveraging HTTP GET and POST, people as well as computer programs can use the same fill-out HTML forms for managing client/server create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations. A single BEST form could be used by a web browser and by a programming API. Subscribers and software developers alike would need only to know the URL for the page where the HTML form is located to either manually or automatically send and receive data through any HTTP Server.

BEST is an architectural approach that embraces and extends existing technologies and Web protocols without the need for HTTP Server update or technology re-deployment. When using a BEST approach, for example, a service that wanted to encode Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) transactions would not have to map REST CRUD operations to the ESB and/or application states, or modify the HTTP protocol. By migrating CRUD and other application operations to the top of the classical OSI Reference Model, BEST avoids opportunities for protocol/application request and state collisions.

This was last updated in June 2013

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