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September 2016

Embracing intelligence in BPM trends

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Embracing all BPM trends may come at a cost to your enterprise. Your technology purchases should be based on needs. Learning to first assess business needs will be the best guidance to process management and rules.

This handbook takes a look at business process management development trends and how to let BPM guide the technology and not the other way around. In the first feature, consultant Tom Nolle sheds light on effective strategies for using BPM to modernize legacy applications. In the second feature, writer Esther Shein digs into the differences between BPM and intelligent BPM and why the future of industries is leaning into the "i." And in the third feature, consultant Steve Weissman covers why consistency is essential in business rules management and how to make that happen. So before jumping onto the BPM trends bandwagon, be sure to prioritize your business requirement needs.

About The Author

Tom Nolle - President

Tom Nolle is the president of CIMI Corporation, a strategic ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Modernize legacy applications with BPM
  • Drawing the line between BPM and iBPM
  • Address all your APM software needs

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