A guide to modern mobile application development strategies

Last updated:July 2017


Continuous, effective mobile application development is becoming more and more important. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily becoming an easier goal to achieve, especially as device and platform diversity continues to increase.

As such, the pressure is upon developers, testers and other application management personnel to learn as much as they can about streamlining mobile application development strategies and what it means to create a truly effective mobile application. That's where this guide can help.

Inside this guide, you will find articles, videos, podcasts and more related to the task of planning out, developing, testing and deploying mobile applications. Whether you are just starting to delve into mobile or are simply looking to strengthen already existing mobile application development strategies, this guide is for you.

1Mobile applications in action-

Mobile application development case studies

Mobile applications have allowed organizations to reach both employees and customers in ways that were never before possible. Given the doors mobile has opened, what are companies actually doing to take advantage of these new opportunities?

This section takes a look at a few ways organizations are putting the mobile trend to use, as well as the mobile application development strategies they are utilizing to reach their goals.


An inside look at the development of the Miami Heat mobile fan app

What do sports fans want in a mobile app? Work by the Miami Heat on their own mobile offering is revealing which features users want and which they can do without. Continue Reading


What makes a successful mobile app in the healthcare world?

The CEO of Medisafe, a medication management mobile application, discusses the challenges with mobile in healthcare and what makes a successful mobile health app. Continue Reading

2Tips and advice-

Strategies for building and deploying mobile apps

While mobile development is a challenge, there are certainly steps developers can take to ease the task of getting a mobile project off the ground and airborne.

Here we look at some mobile application development strategies and provide tips that developers, testers and other application management staff should know about when it comes to getting mobile done right. The content listed in this section will help you and your team wrap your heads around planning, development, testing and, finally, deploying your applications the right way.


How to get mobile projects right the first time

Mobile software applications are all the rage, but they're very tricky to get right. Expert Jennifer Lent unpacks what you need to do -- and think about -- first. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Twelve mobile application tips that developers can't seem to get right

Building a beautiful-looking app that is a joy to use is a vastly different exercise than building efficient, error-free code. Are developers capable of doing both? Continue Reading


A primer on testing mobile responsive design applications

Testing mobile responsive design applications requires different strategies for different needs. Learn how enterprises can improve the bottom line with proper responsive design. Continue Reading


How to get mobile apps iPhone certified and Play Store published

So you've developed a mobile phone app. What's next? Here we explore getting mobile phone apps iPhone certified and Play Store published. Continue Reading

3Tools of the trade-

Helpful tools and frameworks for mobile dev

As with any development strategy, tooling can make a big difference when it comes to mobile. Even the most experienced developers, testers and deployment specialists are going to struggle without having the right kind of tooling at their disposal. Luckily, there have been plenty of tools designed for both individual developers and enterprise teams.

In this section, we take a look at some of the development, testing and deployment tooling that software teams should consider adding to their repertoire in order to strengthen their mobile application development strategies.


Some top tools for building enterprise mobile applications

Many enterprises still rely heavily on consumer-grade mobile applications, but making your own may not be as complex as you think. Here are three ways you can get started. Continue Reading


Cross-platform vs. hybrid, native development tools: Who wins?

Get a comparison of hybrid and JavaScript-native mobile app development tools versus iOS and Android native dev tools in this podcast with developer Jen Looper. Continue Reading


How cloud services can help companies struggling with mobile dev

Companies struggling with mobile initiatives can go to the cloud and speed up the app development and delivery process. The newest PaaS offerings also avoid some bumps in the road. Continue Reading


Exploring the power of Node.js and why mobile is a microservices driver

As organizations push mobile development, some are finding the benefits of microservices particularly useful. A Red Hat architect explains why and shares some useful frameworks. Continue Reading

4The language of mobile-

A glossary of mobile terms

One of the best ways developers and organizations can sharpen mobile application development strategies is by making sure they are closely familiar with the technology.

This section reviews some of the common terminology surrounding mobile application development and mobile application management in general.

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Interesting article. While there are many hurdles on the way to successful app development where some are external challenges while others are internal. One of the biggest internal challenges is to deploy a growth team that is entirely responsible for app success. Brands that have seen amazing growth have a collaborative team in place with expertise in analytics, engineering, product management, and marketing. This allows companies to efficiently marry powerful data analysis and technical know-how with marketing savviness to develop a robust application.