A guide to open source technology in application development

Last updated:October 2017

Editor's note

Few, if any, would doubt that open source technology has made an impact in many areas of the software world, particularly when it comes to application development and management. As the number of applications and services created and employed by organizations continues to proliferate exponentially, open source has stepped up to provide developers and application managers an innovative and community-driven approach to rapidly deploying applications and keeping those apps running smoothly.

The content included in this essential guide takes a look at how open source technology has evolved to meet the application development and deployment needs of organizations of all sizes. It also looks at some of the top open source tools available to help with the management of APIs and application containers -- another critical part of keeping applications and services up and running.

Dive into this essential guide and broaden your understanding of how open source technology has affected the world of application development and management. You'll also discover more about the top open source tools that may improve life for your DevOps teams.

1Exploring tools and platforms available through open source

There isn't an application developer or manager out there who shouldn't at least consider the benefits of using open source tooling within their organization. Open source communities have honed in on the management of evolving trends like Docker containers and holistic API management, and even large vendors like IBM are pushing the use of open source platforms. In this section, we take a look at some of the top tools available for application developers and managers via the open source technology community. Read on to discover how open source is affecting the application world and where you may stand to benefit.

2A look at terms related to open source technology

While some may be well-versed in the world of open source and its related technologies, many of us still need to brush up on our terminologies. This section lists some key terms related to open source technology and the areas it is affecting.