Editor's note

It seems that every day there are new changes taking place within the software technology world. 2016 proved to be the year of both containers and microservices. These trends have become less exclusive from one another. In 2017, the software container has learned to integrate with microservices and vice versa.

Organizations are increasingly becoming more acquainted with software container technology. This guide covers the latest container management trends and vendors to consider if your enterprise is ready to move forward. Learn how to make software containers part of your existing architecture, which integration tools have taken the spotlight and how SOA strategies can influence container modernizations. Finally, take a quiz to test what you've learned.

1Making software containers part of your architecture

Now that your enterprise is ready to integrate software containers, how can you make this happen successfully? This section covers how to ensure successful software container integration with your architecture. Learn step-by-step practices and how to manage registries and satisfy business goals for container deployment.

2Improving software containers

As organizations move away from traditional SOA strategies toward containers, it is becoming clear that they share common goals. This guide section covers approaches to improve and modernize applications.

3What do you know about software containers?

Where does your organization align on the container spectrum? Take this quiz and figure out what you already know about software container management.