Enterprise architect's guide to API best practices and trends

Last updated:March 2014

Editor's note

While anything but new, application program interfaces (APIs) haven't always in the spotlight. Now, the programming tool is becoming increasingly important, thanks to advances in mobile, cloud and machine-to-machine technologies.

More than ever before, organizations are looking for ways to speed API development as systems are becoming overwhelmed with data. Enterprise architects are commonly tasked with developing and managing APIs, making it critical to know how the technology is changing integration and software development.

This guide brings together a collection of articles and key terms related to API best practices and development. When you're done, see how much you've learned by taking our quiz.

1Where APIs are headed

It's not enough to be able to wrap your head around what an API can and can't do for an organization. Technology professionals have to be thinking one step ahead of what is currently taking place. Some experts predict cloud and mobile technologies are just beginning to impact APIs.

The following is a collection of articles focusing on the latest trends and API best practices.

2Prove your API knowledge

How much have you learned about API best practices and trends? Find out with our quiz.