Enterprise architect's guide to optimal BPM workflow

Last updated:September 2014

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Business process management, or BPM, combines various techniques and methods to optimize business processes. When BPM is implemented correctly, organizations can reap the benefits of streamlined procedures and cost savings. What company doesn't want that?

Coming up with a strategic game plan to better understand how work is done and eliminate inefficiencies may sound like a daunting task because there are numerous ways to go about such an undertaking. There are ways, however, to effectively take on the project without becoming completely overwhelmed.

This guide brings together resources that will get you on your way to designing and implementing a structured approach to better business management. When you're done, see how much you've learned about BPM workflow by taking our quiz.

1Businesses find value in BPM

It's one thing to read about how to execute a carefully crafted BPM strategy, but it's another to see how the work can pay off. IT leaders can glean insight as to how to commence their own BPM workflow initiative by learning from the successes and shortcomings of those before them. The following is a collection of articles focusing on how organizations are using BPM.