Enterprise architects' guide to success with mobile apps for business

Last updated:April 2014


The application development environment, especially in regards to mobile apps for business, is rapidly growing. The surge of the bring your own device (BYOD) movement and workers desiring to have access to data on various platforms is helping to fuel this evolution. Technology professionals have to make sure they have current skills in order to be relevant as organizations take Web-based applications to wireless devices.

This guide showcases the latest in design, development and testing techniques for enterprise mobile apps. Several mobile app implementation success stories and a glossary of key terms are also included

1Design and development-

Keeping up with mobile app trends

With movements such as the BYOD trend taking a hold of the enterprise, development of mobile apps for business has moved into the spotlight. When designing applications, developers need to be able to create tools that securely work across platforms without sacrificing user experience.

Read on to learn the basics of mobile app design trends and best practices.


How to design mobile apps focused on increasing employee productivity

Architects need to keep in mind certain elements that make mobile app design different from app design for the Web. Continue Reading


Why trust is key to creating a solid mobile application user experience

Mobile has sensors and capabilities our desktops don't. But the best mobile app user experience Jennifer Lent had was old-fashioned phone support. Continue Reading


The value of keeping security in mind when developing mobile applications

As more people gravitate toward mobile devices to access personal data, security needs have risen to be among the major mobile app trends. Continue Reading


Motorola's action plan to improve ease of mobile development

Much has been written to address the challenges of developing applications for common Android and iOS devices, but there is a world of embedded devices that run less popular operating systems like Windows CE. Who is serving this market? Would you be surprised to find out that the answer is Motorola? Continue Reading

2Testing mobile apps-

Building new skills for mobile testing

Development of mobile apps for business can't be considered complete until testing has been conducted. Many developers are quickly realizing the need to build new skills because testing for Web-based applications is very different than that of mobile. Fortunately, there are strategies developers can deploy to ensure mobile apps work as needed.

The following is a collection of articles focused on mobile testing and development.


How to transition from Web to mobile application testing

Test expert Matt Heusser offers a practical mobile testing tutorial for developers who are no longer beginners in the mobile space. Continue Reading


Tips for testing enterprise mobile application security

Mobile ALM expert Manish Mathuria provides insight into mobile security and offers strategies for enterprises to better protect their software. Continue Reading


Step-by-step action plan for Android testing success

Test expert Matt Heusser gives Web app developers specific instructions for Android testing. Continue Reading


How to properly test mobile application performance

Mobile app performance testing comes with unique challenges. Associate site editor Caroline de Lacvivier answers some FAQs to help you get started. Continue Reading

3Mobile apps in action-

Implementing enterprise mobile apps

With an ever-expanding array of mobile tools hitting the market, business leaders are faced with an overwhelming amount of options to solve their needs. The decision-making process can be mired with unexpected hurdles. One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary headaches is to learn from others' missteps.

Read on for examples of how business leaders have implemented mobile apps for business use within their organizations.


How a CEO juggles managing mobile app development and employees

CTO Alva Powell discusses the ins and outs of his job, including how he manages people and selects mobile app development tools for projects. Continue Reading


Inside the selection process for a mobile tool that meets need for speed, scalability

In this feature, Executive Editor Jan Stafford describes a software developer's quest to create a new mobile polling application, Mobile Reactor. Continue Reading


Project manager fosters collaboration with mobile application venture

By managing her mobile development project, Marlena Smith helps clinicians treat autism in kids today and better understand the disorder tomorrow. Continue Reading


Web-based enterprise app goes mobile with help of HTML5 platform

The CEO of a Web-based project management tool discusses how he chose an HTML5 platform to make the application mobile-friendly. Continue Reading


Project management tools keep medical team's work going at a healthy pace

How a hospital turned to mobile project management tools to help provide patients with care quickly and accurately. Continue Reading


Common mobile app development terms

This glossary provides definitions of terms commonly used in mobile apps for business.

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