Essential Guide: The latest on enterprise architecture strategy

Last updated:April 2016

Editor's note

Though the technologies, terminologies, approaches and other aspects of software management may change at a head-spinning rate, one thing remains constant: Keeping essential applications running depends on the support of a strong enterprise architecture. Cultivating a successful enterprise architecture strategy requires an understanding of how to use changing technology to improve management, while also adhering to the fundamental theories of enterprise architecture management.

Changing computing and application technology has significantly affected the business world, and enterprise architecture tools and approaches have not evaded its influence. This has certainly opened up challenges, especially when it comes to working with new languages, frameworks and platforms. However, these evolving aspects also provide businesses new opportunities to make their enterprise architecture strategy more effective and reliable.

This guide includes a number of articles from experts that will help explain how the world of enterprise architecture management is changing, the challenges that must be overcome and how you can use emerging technology to forge a strong strategy that keeps your critical software-based services running properly.

1Expert advice on architecture strategy

Whether it's the cloud, mobile management or changing business requirements, there's always something bound to shake up the way you approach the management of your enterprise architecture. In this section, experts share their advice from the field and explain how architects can tweak their infrastructure in order to keep up with today's demands, including how to properly build security into the architecture itself.

2The rising mobile enterprise architecture

If one thing has affected how today's professionals are thinking about their enterprise architecture strategy, it's mobile. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise has tightened the screws on architects when it comes to creating an architecture that can keep end users connected to essential apps and resources via their mobile device. In this section, we explore some architecture strategies that can be used to make mobile integration efforts a little less painful.

3Quiz yourself on enterprise architecture know-how

Think you know the differences between microservices and SOA? Test yourself with this quiz below to see exactly how much you know. In the great debate between the two, who wins?