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Last updated:March 2016

Editor's note

As business-related technologies, terminologies and philosophies change, one thing remains constant: Businesses depend on maintaining a consistent set of processes to keep things running. Cultivating success with both business process and business rules management requires simultaneously understanding how to use changing technology to improve management, while also adhering to fundamental tenants of BPM and BRM.

Changing computing and application technology has significantly affected the business world, and BPM has not escaped its grasp. This has certainly opened up challenges, especially when it comes to creating consistent processes and rules when departments become siloed around individual technologies. However, these evolving platforms also provide businesses new opportunities to apply BPM to areas of their business more quickly and effectively.

This guide has collected a number of BPM news pieces and advice from contributing experts that will help you understand how the world of BPM and BRM is changing, the challenges that must be overcome and how you can use emerging technology to forge a strong strategy that properly keeps critical processes and guidelines in place.

1Ideas for novel BPM approaches

BPM software and tools are only getting more sophisticated, and today's developers and application managers are finding unique ways to use BPM practices and utilities to impact new parts of their business in big ways. Find out how forward-thinking organizations can and are implementing BPM in novel and sometimes surprising ways.

2Business rules management and BRMS

A major part of BPM is the concept of creating "business rules" -- rules that define how processes work and assert control over essential processes. They are necessary, but not always easy to implement and keep intact. Some have turned to the use of a business rules management system with success, but others still find themselves left to manage it on their own. In this section, we look at the most critical considerations when thinking about business rules management, including how to choose the right management system, why consistency is critical and why these standards matter.

3Examine your software options

Fixing BPM is like fixing a car: You don't just need the know-how; you also need the right tools for the job. Unfortunately it can be tough to tell exactly which tools can help and if they will benefit your efforts. In this section, we've compiled articles that look at some of the various BPM tools and utilities organizations are putting to use. Learn more about the newest generation of tools that are enabling new levels of management and find tips for putting them to good use.

4A quiz on BPM practices

Think you have a good understanding of how today's technology plays into the establishment of BPM? The quiz below will test your understanding of the increasingly intricate relationship between technology and BPM -- and what that means for your business.