Guide to app modernization: Moving from legacy apps

Last updated:June 2015

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While the complexity and costs of maintaining legacy application environments increases, new next-generation technologies, like cloud and mobile, make them less effective. It is no wonder that most CIOs today are exploring app modernization, according to a survey by the professional services firm Capgemini.

So, what can IT do to make a strong case for an application modernization initiative? What does the development of event-driven architecture and cloud migration mean for developers and app managers? And how does SOA -- and even the development of "microservices" -- fit into the modernization process?

Dive into this essential guide to find out. Inside, you'll find a collection of articles, videos, quizzes and other resources that will help you gain an understanding of the modernization landscape, including the major driving forces behind modernization and the important technologies to pay attention to today.

1Application modernization planning

So, you're ready to begin a modernization initiative -- but where do you start? What kinds of guidelines should you follow? Are there any special techniques being used to make modernization easier?

In this section, we'll lay out some of the principles to heed during app modernization and share expert tips for planning an initiative. Read on to learn more.

2Testing your app mod knowledge

Test your modernization knowledge and learn what you need to know in order to move your modernization efforts in the right direction.