JavaOne 2014: Takeaways from Java's biggest conference

Last updated:October 2014


JavaOne 2014 is over, but news from the conference will continue to resonate. Learn what developers are saying about Java EE 8, including the highlights and lowlights of the latest release. Find out about Nashorn, Google's cloud and startups who are using native Java apps. In this guide, find articles, interviews and videos from JavaOne 2014.

1Java news-

Java EE 8 at the focal point

Learn about Java EE 8 and why it was one of the most widely discussed topics at JavaOne 2014. Get a preview of barriers and performance issues and best practices for success. Speakers and attendees chime in on whether Java 8 adoption will outpace previous versions.


Moving your enterprise to Java 8

At JavaOne, the vice president of Java development at Oracle opened up about Java 8 trends and expectations. Continue Reading


Overcoming Java app performance barriers

Developers and architects at JavaOne 2014 discussed how to improve Java application performance. Continue Reading


JavaOne speaker discusses what to expect

Prior to JavaOne 2014, Rob Terpilowski discussed his NetBeans apps and other development project plans. Continue Reading


Java EE 8: What are the highlights?

At JavaOne 2014, the latest features and upgrades of Java EE 8 were highlighted. Continue Reading


Startup assures native Java across mobile platforms

Learn how startup company Codename One is promising native Java across mobile platforms. Continue Reading

2Trending -

What is trending at JavaOne 2014?

Learn about the trending topics at JavaOne 2014. Get the inside track on Lambda updates, how Jetty Web services has made improvements, Google's cloud news and Nashorn's upgrades.


Learn about the new Nashorn

At JavaOne 2014, discussion turned to the creation and upgrades of the compiler engine called 'Nashorn.' Continue Reading


Lambda's parallelism and performance

When it comes to improving Java, few changes have been as eagerly anticipated as lambdas. From parallelism to performance, the lambda experiment is working, and smart software developers are adopting it. Continue Reading


API integration trends in the enterprise

In this Q&A, Mala Ramakrishnan, director of product marketing at Oracle, answers questions about trends in API integration and management tools. Continue Reading


Working with mobile and cloud for enterprise architectures

With the rising importance of mobile for executing new business services, many organizations are taking a closer look at developing better enterprise architectures for leveraging the cloud and back-end services. Continue Reading


Improvements in Jetty and Google's cloud

At JavaOne, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine discussed improvements in Jetty Web server and Google's cloud architecture, as well as how to deal with the limitations of Java EE. Continue Reading


How to solve Java app performance issues

Software testers trying to identify performance problems in Java apps might be using the wrong requirements and tools. Two experts suggest ways to accurately pinpoint problems. Continue Reading

3TheServerSide perspectives-

What the speakers are talking about

Find an array of videos of the speakers at JavaOne 2014. Get insights into Java 8 and Java 9, IoT trends, Google Maps, Glassfish community news, and more in this section.


Video: Google Maps moves to the Java Desktop

Rob Terpilowski discusses how he and his architect team brought Google Maps to the Java desktop in this video from JavaOne 2014. Continue Reading


Video: Glassfish community enhances without Oracle support

In this video, expert Steve Millidge discusses how Oracle no longer supports Glassfish app server and looks at other options like Payara. Continue Reading


Video: Jelastic 24 offers deployment options with Node.js

In this video, Jelastic's CTO discusses how its latest release includes Node.js and is set to help developers make fewer changes when deploying apps in the cloud. Continue Reading


Video: Trends in IoT, mobile, Java 9

Java expert Barry Burd discusses trends in Java 9, mobile development and IoT at JavaOne 2014. Continue Reading


Video: What's up with micro-services?

Jeff Genender discusses REST, NoSQL and how micro-services are changing how people are doing development in this video from JavaOne 2014. Continue Reading


Video: Java EE 8 adoption expectations

At JavaOne 2014, Barry Burd discussed how and why he's predicting a fast adoption of Java EE 8. Continue Reading


Video: EAI tools updated as SaaS, mobile grow

At JavaOne 2014, Steve Millidge discusses EAI tools that fit with SaaS and mobile integration growth. Continue Reading


Video: NetScout discusses new UPM platform

At JavaOne 2014, NetScout VP and architect discuss Unified Performance Management platform in this video. Continue Reading

4Looking ahead-

Sound bites from JavaOne

Watch experts predict what's on deck for APIs and tell what's going on with Skytap EaaS in this video section.


The future of APIs

NetBeans founder Jaroslav Tulach opens up about the future of APIs at JavaOne 2014.


API design info with NetBeans creator

To help API designers suffer less in a quest for perfection, NetBeans initial architect Jaroslav Tulach shares ideas for API design in this video.


Instant environments with Skytap EaaS

The latest Skytap EaaS release offers instant self-service environments.


Moving away from ESBs to microservices

Java pros weigh in on the current status of ESBs and how the industry is moving toward microservices in this article and video.

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