Maximizing and managing big data with SOA middleware

Last updated:October 2013

Editor's note

Managing big data is going to become an increasingly important task for technology professionals. Research shows a growing number of organizations are tackling big data head-on. The notorious "three V's" -- volume, variety and velocity -- can cause trouble for even those with years of experience. One of the best ways to beat big data obstacles is to be well informed.

This guide brings together a range of articles that offer expert advice on managing big data, large data-set trends and key terms anyone preparing to work with big data will need to be familiar with.

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1Areas that struggle with large volume sets

Big data is notorious for giving technology professionals headaches. There are ways to finagle the technology. This section features articles that highlight specific examples on how large forms of data can be tamed.

2What lies ahead for big data

There is a lot in store for big data. From more organizations planning to take on big data to how large volume sets affect architects, there is a lot of information to be privy to. Peruse this section to see what experts are forecasting for the future of working with large volumes of data.

3What is your big data IQ?

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