Taking a look at today's API management services and strategies

Last updated:June 2017

Editor's note

There aren't many, if any, software professionals out there today who would discount the importance of APIs and API management. And many of those same software professionals will tell you that APIs have been important for a long time. But talk about their importance has shifted from being a conversation held in tucked-away IT offices to a topic discussed at business strategy meetings among C-level execs. And more and more vendors are pushing API management services as a critical part of staying competitive.

As such, the burden is on software teams to create an API management strategy that not only keeps applications and services running smoothly, but allows the business to find new revenue streams and opportunities for growth, including turning the APIs themselves into assets the business can market and make money from. This may also mean leveraging API management services, a marketplace that is experiencing significant transformation due to vendor acquisitions and changes in strategy.

This guide will walk you through some of the mindsets and strategies behind API management services that not only efficiently maintain APIs, but turn those APIs into a source of value for the company rather than a management burden. It will also take a look at some of the shifts in the API management services market that indicate a change in thinking around APIs by certain companies.

1Leveraging API management services

Part of API management means possibly developing and versioning your own APIs. While there are lots of tools, organizations need to be aware of hidden complexities created by both technology and people processes. These articles will help shed light on some specific areas teams should focus on when it comes to working with API management services.

2API management services: Looking at providers

Acquisitions of API management providers by large companies such as Google have not just shaken up the market -- they say something about the importance of API management. These articles provide a look at the Google acquisition of Apigee and what these types of acquisitions mean for the market and for those who rely heavily on API management.