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Delve into the low-code platform by Mendix

With a lean toward Agile development projects, Mendix Platform is a low-code platform that allows business users to create apps on the fly.

The Mendix Platform is a low-code platform as a service designed for IT departments in businesses that need centralized app-building tools. It offers several signature features and tools to address each stage of the development cycle, all within a consistent UI that allows users to develop and deploy apps across multiple devices.

Mendix's enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) core feature is Central App Management, which provides a dashboard for monitoring applications, configurations and resources. Central App Management provides insight into multiple app environments and containers, monitoring and alerting tools, backup services and various logging options.

The features of Mendix Platform coincide with the Agile project methodology. Users can control all aspects of app projects directly from the Central App Management interface, ensuring visibility during sprints and releases. As with any Agile development project, constant communication is vital. Mendix Platform comes with social collaboration functions and tools to facilitate direct user feedback loops to ensure continuous iteration. Other development features include the means to build applications and domain models such as responsive UI models, application and module security layers, and SOAP- and REST-based web services.

Businesses can deploy apps to the cloud quickly with one-click deployment from Mendix's integrated development environment, the Mendix Platform or through various application program interfaces. Another Mendix Platform tool is the Web Modeler, a low-code platform tool set that lets business users design, iterate and experiment with apps. It features an editor toolbox and customizable themes.

New features for IoT

With features like geolocation and predictive analytics, the latest release of Mendix Platform now touts abilities that allow businesses to create applications enabled for the internet of things and machine learning. Mendix Platform supports programming languages like Java, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and SQL.

The Mendix Connector Kit is a suite of tools designed to aid integration. It features a tool called Data Mapper that allows JSON and XML messages to communicate with users' domain model. The Data Mapper also opens up the ability to map any RESTful API to the model. There are also a number of Java extensions and a database connector that lets users utilize data from a third-party source.

During the testing stage especially, Mendix offers several major tools as part of its enterprise PaaS. The Application Test Suite provides embedded testing and quality assurance tools, and it features a customizable dashboard that manages the application lifecycle, scenario recording, and scheduling and parallel execution capabilities. Users can automate cross-browser testing to ensure the application works on a broad range of browsers.

The Application Performance Monitor provides tracking and problem-solving tools during the testing stage, enabling tools to continuously record activity at all levels and log and store any error events.The Application Performance Monitor gathers data on application performance and reports back on recent trends for evaluation. It also analyzes separate functions and provides a graphic visualization to aid developers in process streamlining and troubleshooting. There's also a function that monitors memory and CPU functions, performs measuring queries and creates relevant alerts. On top of the app health monitoring, Mendix also provides daily backups for Mendix Platform customers.

Integrations that make Mendix a low-code platform

Finally, through a PhoneGap integration, Mendix's PaaS works in tandem with its cross-platform mobile application development tool that that utilizes auto sync and provides beacon support and push notifications and offers widgets.

Mendix also offers Mendix Cloud, a low-code platform that is based on Cloud Foundry and runs on Amazon Web Services. Mendix Cloud is available as a private or public cloud or on-premises.

How much does Mendix Platform cost?

Mendix Platform is priced in three tiers. All editions offer the application development tools. Pricing is based on internal users. All editions allow users to build any multiapplication device with social collaboration functions, multichannel development apps with Java and Eclipse integration and multi-tenancy, and AppCloud services such as Launchpad and MX ID. The Free edition allows for 10 internal users per app, one environment of the customer's choice and community support only. The Pro edition starts at $1,250 per month (billed annually) and allows for 50 internal users (or 500 external users), and includes the Test and Production Environments and Platform Support. The Enterprise edition begins at $1,675 per month (billed annually) and provides unlimited environments and Platinum Support for all PaaS components. Mendix invites potential customers to contact a sales representative to further discuss pricing options and support packages.

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