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At the annual EclipseCon conference, Eclipse users and other open source fanatics gather to discuss the present state and flesh out the future of Eclipse, OSGi, open source tools, and more.

At the annual EclipseCon conference, Eclipse users and other open source fanatics gather to discuss the present state and flesh out the future of Eclipse, OSGi, open source tools, and more. Check out EclipseCon event coverage from 2013 and past years.


EclipseCon 2013

Enterprise mobile applications may be a bit short sighted
Although building enterprise mobile applications is front and center for many application development shops, Forrester vice president Jeffrey Hammond says the mobile applications are just one step on the path to a further goal – user engagement.

Adding SLI to ALM: Tasktop's open initiative
In this Q&A, Dave West discusses how automating the integration of businesses analysis, project management, development, testing and operations and to connect inside and outside the company creates development practices that facilitate a seamless flow from idea to implementation.

Cloud, mobile, Web app integration is top software issue
In this Q&A, Dave West advises on strategies and lays out current pressures software integration puts on software developers, architects, project managers and CIOs.

App lifecycle management: How APM can help
Improving application performance and app lifecycle management from the development phase to production is on the minds of many architects and organizations. At EclipseCon 2013, Compuware APM technology strategist Daniel Kaar discussed a new approach used throughout an application's lifecycle.

OSGi: Not everything can be a DIY hit
Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. That was a key takeaway from Zuhlke Engineering‘s Tim Ward’s EclipseCon 2013 session March 28 in Boston on Enterprise OSGi.

Don’t reinvent the wheel with modularizing legacy Java apps
For enterprise architects, taking an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality can be tempting when modularizing large legacy Java applications, but that could be a mistake.


EclipseCon 2012

OSGi in enterprise integration: Best practices
At EclipseCon 2012, OSGi expert Timothy Ward told the audience how to tame the wilder side of OSGi development for enterprise Java applications. Among a set of OSGi development tips from Ward are these: Version everything; avoid tight coupling; and don’t try to do too much. OSGi’s bundle structure – which pairs JAR components with manifest headers, is meant to help, but it needs at least as much forethought as object design, if it is to succeed.

At EclipseCon 2012: APIs for cars
At EclipseCon 2012, we heard from T.J. Giuli, a technical expert at Ford Motor Company's Research and Advanced Engineering organization, about Open XC platform, an API for the car. The new venture is an effort by automaker Ford and embedded tool maker Bug Labs to connect aftermarket software and hardware for cars and trucks. Given issues of safety, we asked whether automobiles can really become an app market place for innovation and software development.

Is cloud computing an unsustainable practice?
Are labor issues overshadowing the benefits of cloud adoption? Some experts have suggested that cost and management problems make cloud an unsustainable practice. We caught up with Skytap’s Brian White at EclipseCon 2012 to hear his take. From development tasks to agility benefits, undertaking a cloud approach today has its advantages and challenges.

Eclipse organization’s Orion tool gets makeover
At EclipseCon 2011, we learned that the JavaScript editor known as Orion is getting a makeover. Orion uses the browser as the basis for building tools for web developers. While it is an Eclipse Foundation effort, it is said to represent a fully new code base. Now it is available via an online hub.

OSGi updates Java bundling specer
Modular OSGi is seen as being more for systems programmers than mainstream application developers. New resolver hook updates do not shy away from complexity, and may still prove difficult for mainstream developers. Is a Jigsaw modular Java alternative in the wings?


Previous EclipseCons

EclipseCon 2011: IBM joins Oracle in OpenJDK 8 effort
Software technology leaders from Oracle and IBM appeared together on stage here at EclipseCon 2011 to announce plans to work to revive the long-stalled OpenJDK for Java. Both IBM and Oracle have large Java businesses, and both in fact made moves in 2009 to purchase Sun Microsystems. Now the two industry giants are working together.

EclipseCon 2010: Enterprise OSGi spec unveiled
At EclipseCon 2010, the OSGi Alliance announced approval of its long-brewing OSGi Enterprise Specification (Release 4, Version 4.2). That release of the OSGi bundled component standard was targeted at a broad group of Java application server developers. Greater modularity and increased component re-use are main OSGi goals.

Working with Eclipse tools
In this two-part interview from EclipseCon 2011, open source advocate Hans-Jurgen Kugler talks about open source working groups, overcoming challenges with open source, working with Eclipse tools, the productivity of open source versus traditional development projects, and more.

OSGi modularization and the cloud
In these two quick videos, Paremus CEO Richard Nicholson talks about the growth of OSGi over recent years and the benefits and challenges of modularizing applications with OSGi. He also has some good advice on making OSGi modularization easier, the connection between OSGi and the cloud, creating synergies between the two technologies, and the benefits of doing so.

The benefits of open source and support for open source tools
In this couplet of videos, Jason van Zyl, the creator of Apache Maven, talks about his career in open source, the Eclipse Foundation and the benefits of open source in the enterprise. He also discusses open source tools like the Eclipse toolset and support for open source tools within the enterprise.

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