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Enterprise BPM and SOA screencasts: Pitfalls and best practices

These three virtual trade show session screencasts will discuss best practices and common pitfalls for enterprises implementing BPM and SOA in an enterprise setting.

Business process management (BPM) and service oriented architecture (SOA) have become increasingly interconnected in today's enterprises. SearchSOA recently held a virtual trade show on BPM and SOA to explore strategies in using the two technologies in the modern enterprise. The following three screencasts were taken from sessions at the show.

In her session, "Pragmatic BPM and SOA," independent analyst Sandy Kemsley looks at the distinctions between BPM and SOA and how they fit together. She then discusses service discovery and specification in process modeling, as well as challenges and best practices in implementation.

In his session, "BPM and SOA projects: Avoiding common failures," independent consultant Michael Rosen covers four areas where enterprises often fail in their applications of the two technologies. Discussion topics include having an architecture, using common semantics across services and business process definitions, understanding enterprise context for services and processes, and implementing the projects in an Agile fashion.

In his session, "Building Practical Processes with BPM and SOA," Modus 21 principal Peter Woodhull discusses a process centric approach to implementing BPM and SOA. He covers creating a process model specification, defining processes and best practices in implementation.

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