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Five more top SOA tips from 2009

Throughout the year, we've published dozens of tips to help you build a better service-oriented architecture. Here are five more of the best.

Throughout the year, we've published dozens of tips to help you build a better service-oriented architecture. Below are five of the best. Read five more top SOA tips.

The difference between mainframe level transaction processing from Java or .NET server level transaction processing.
The difference lies in the design center. In a mainframe environment, everything is tightly controlled and managed, just as it was decades ago. As the Java and .NET environments became popular for transaction processing, the assumptions about developer access to transaction control APIs changed a bit. Find out what those changes are, and what implications they have on development today, in this expert response.

Manual configuration scripting of Java EE Web applications can cause downtime
Companies increasingly rely on their Web-based environments to create customer-facing applications. In order to change Web applications, developers, often using Java Enterprise Edition (EE), make changes to configuration scripts. Java EE presents challenges to companies because of the complex configurations required to support these Web servers. Poorly managed scripts cause unexpected downtime that is difficult to manage. Discover the risks of manual configuration scripting and how to avoid pitfalls.

Road-mapping: An essential EA skill
The primary role of roadmaps is to quickly communicate a large amount of information quickly and efficiently. They are communication vehicles that provide insight and perspective to guide decision making. Roadmaps can indicate velocity of change, decision points, event sequencing, dependencies and future risks. Discover the essentials and benefits of road-mapping from Forrester analyst Jeff Scott.

How to pair BPM modeling tools with an SOA
When trying to make sure your BPM tooling takes full advantage of your SOA efforts, one of the most important things to consider is the ability of the BPM tooling to take advantage of service metadata that exists in a registry/repository. Whether modeling within the tool is being done by process analysts or by developers, the ties back to your service repository are important. Find out why from expert Todd Biske.

Chrome OS in future, but what does Android offer now?
While Google recently announced Google Chrome OS for netbooks and desktops, the company made clear on their official blog that Chrome OS is seperate from Android, which was conceived and designed for use in mobile devices. Recent announcements of lowcost netbook computers running Android, suggest that Android is becoming more than just a mobile phone platform. Get the details about development for Android, including information on data storage, the Java SDK, and network communication.

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