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IBM Innovate 2011 conference coverage

The staff was at IBM Innovate 2011, writing highlights, interviews, and reports on important news and advice from sessions and experts we met along the way.

The IBM Innovate 2011 conference this June in Orlando Florida focused on a wide variety of topics, many of which were of particular interest to the SOA crowd. Some session coverage included better software productivity, collaboration and software development processes, Disciplined Agile Delivery, "Lyo," as well as several enhancements to its Jazz collaborative ALM tooling platform. The staff was there to highlight as well as interview some of the participants, and here's all the important stories from the conference.

"Development as a team sport" theme plays out at IBM Innovate event

IBM Rational executives forwarded the cause of software productivity this week at the IBM Innovate 2011 event in Orlando, Fla. Though short on new products, the Rational group's contribution to the productivity push was borne on the back of several enhancements to its Jazz collaborative ALM tooling platform.

SOA development means renewal to Brazilian bank

At Itau Unibanco, email- and paper-based development team communications have given way to a new approach to development, based around a repository of software models and services.

DevOps proponents remember ''DAD'' - Disciplined Agile Delivery

Long an undercurrent,  the  conversation around DevOps is now gaining wider attention. At Innovate 2011, writer Jack Vaughan caught up with IBM Agile Practice Director Scott Ambler, who explained the trend.

Volt car maker touts software component reuse successes

By some measures, General Motor’s Volt hybrid electric car is moving to market very quickly. At IBM’s Rational Innovate 2011, Bill Bolander, technical fellow, General Motors, featured the Volt as an example of successful software reuse.

IBM Watson under the hood: Booch describes Jeopardy champ's systems architecture

Grady Booch describes systems architecture of Jeopardy champ Watson. It uses the well known pipe and filter pattern and the less known UIMA-AS scheme.

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