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JBoss World 2012 conference coverage

The staff will be at JBoss World 2012, writing highlights, interviews, and reports on important news and advice from sessions and experts at this year's event.

The collaborative Red Hat Summit / JBoss World 2012 conference this June in Boston will focus on a wide variety of topics, all under the same theme: transformation. Sessions will address new ways to structure the enterprise, with an emphasis on the latest in open source tools, middleware, cloud technologies, application integration and more. The staff will cover highlights from the best sessions, interview some of the brightest minds in open source applications, and report on any and all news that breaks throughout the conference.

RedHat buys FuseSource to gain added application integration skills and tools
Open source software leader RedHat said it will purchase integration and messaging middleware provider FuseSource. With the move, RedHat furthers its efforts to fill out significant parts of the application integration software stack, as it looks to compete with enterprise software mainstays like IBM and Oracle.

SwitchYard project scheduled to replace JBoss ESB
Red Hat's JBoss ESB is giving way to SwitchYard, an ESB that better supports SOA efforts with familiar tools such as Drools, BPMN and Camel integration routes. The new ESB also benefits from standardization via the service component architecture (SCA) standards. SwitchYard is slated to replace JBoss ESB in RedHat's upcoming JBoss SOA Platform 6.

Red Hat unveils the JBoss Way, drives toward mobile, cloud and big data
Ahead of their collaborative conference scheduled for June 26-29, JBoss and Red Hat made a series of product announcements. Their primary push was for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6, but there was also significant talk about the open source JBoss Data Grid 6 and Red Hat’s recently announced infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering, CloudForms.

Quotes, insights and anecdotes from the 2012 Red Hat Summit
The open source virtualization community was out in full-force for the 2012 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World. Take a look at some favorite quotes from

Can Red Hat’s low-price bundles lure new cloud and virtualization customers? reports on Red Hat's move to bundle its CloudForms, OpenShift and Enterprise Virtualization products to encourage adoption. IT pros said it will take more than slashing prices to leave Microsoft or VMware.

Rules, events and processes meet
Integrated process, rules and event capabilities are something of a holy grail for today’s high-powered corporations. Such capabilities are being pursued in open source software. Take, for example, the new release of JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3, as discussed at the JBoss World event by Ken Johnson, director of product management. The new offering adds Apache Camel integration, improved data services and additional messaging support.


Last year's Coverage:
Check out these highlights from last year's JBoss World conference and stay tuned for current coverage as the conference unfolds:

Adrian Cole discusses open source PaaS 
Video: Adrian Cole, an independent developer and consultant who is closely associated with jclouds, talks with reporter Jack Vaughan about open source options for platform as a service (PaaS) and other cloud concerns.

Java EE platform changes explained
Video: Ashesh Badani, senior director of middleware at Red Hat and JBoss, explains the changes in new JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, as well as Red Hat's two new cloud offerings. See related article "New JSRs move the Java EE platform forward" on

OpenShift and CloudForms take PaaS and IaaS path
Platform as a Service and Information as a Service offerings at JBoss World 2011 showed the future of middleware on cloud computing architecture.

Cloud computing shift evidenced
JBoss Java server provider Red Hat this week disclosed details on its JBoss Enterprise Data Grid 6 at the Red Hat JBoss World event in Boston. There, a general cloud computing push was in evidence.

A brief look at recent data grid developments
Video: When Site Editor Jack Vaughan got back from Red Hat’s JBoss World, he filed a brief on a caching grid, something Red Hat looks to bring to the fore.

Talks and thoughts from Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2011
The Red Hat Summit / JBoss World 2011 was this young reporter’s first experience with an event of such size. Seeing so many open source vendors, users, experts, and enthusiasts all in one place was truly impressive. Not to mention the lavish refreshments (which I probably shouldn’t).

Red Hat gives Windows the boot with RHEV 3.0
Red Hat will shift its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management server from Windows to Java and Linux. Attendees at the Red Hat Summit say the change can’t come fast enough.

More JBoss World  2011 conference coverage
For a different perspective on the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conference, check out's coverage of the event. Stories on their site focus on topics of particular interest to the Linux community.

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