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JavaOne news

A collection of SOA and Web services news related articles from the JavaOne conference held in San Francisco.

Tie that binds Sun, NetBeans and Java criticized

The delicate balance between Sun's stewardship of Java and it's marketing of the NetBeans IDE came in for some criticism, some of it harsh, at this month's JavaOne. Read more here.

Where SOA standards matter: The SAP view

SAP AG was at JavaOne this month demonstrating its NetWeaver Composition Environment, which it is marketing to developers as a standards-based tool for heterogeneous SOA implementations. Read more here.

Sun grapples with ESBs, JBI and Java EE for SOA, part 2

In part two of our JavaOne interview with Sun's Kevin Schmidt, he answers questions about SeeBeyond, open source, JavaCAPS, JBI and the future of the Java EE platform. Read more here.

Sun views SOA development through GlassFish

At JavaOne, Kevin Schmidt, director for SOA products at Sun Microsystems Inc., answered our questions on the where his company in moving on enterprise development with GlassFish. Read more here.

JavaOne: Tibco talks about Ajax, Java and SOA, Part 2

Tibco's Kevin Hakman explains how General Interface fits into Tibco view of the future for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Ajax. Read more here.

At JavaOne: Tibco talks Ajax and event-driven SOA

Tibco's Kevin Hakman explains how Ajax messaging plays in event-driven service-oriented architecture (SOA). Read more here.

Sun at JavaOne – the network is 'unstoppable'

Enterprise software was conspicuous by its absence during the keynote at JavaOne, but there were a flurry of announcements around open source, RIA and mobile development. Read more here.

SOA help wanted - information architects

SOA needs data, but analysts find enterprise architects have been slow in developing information architecture initiatives due to issues that include company politics and even IT foot dragging. Though there is optimism that this is changing. Read more here.

SOA influences JavaOne to get down to business

While the 'geek factor' remains, this year's JavaOne is focused more on the SOA-style convergence of technology and business. Read more here.

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