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Oracle Integration Cloud Service crucial to Oracle AI suite

Oracle offers a hybrid application platform that targets enterprises of all sizes. API Manager, SOA and Oracle Integration Cloud Service comprise the application integration suite.

The Oracle application integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a hybrid solution that includes Oracle Integration...

Cloud Service (ICS) and Oracle SOA Cloud Service, as well as the Oracle SOA Suite in the Oracle SOA Cloud and the Oracle API Manager Cloud Service.

Oracle ICS is a Web-based integration designer for point-and-click integration between applications. It includes a large library of prebuilt software as a service (SaaS) adapters.

Oracle SOA Suite combines API management, application integration and process orchestration to make up a comprehensive developer platform for services provisioning and administration.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service includes SOA Cloud Service adapters to connect SaaS and on-premises applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and

Oracle API Manager Cloud Service provides API visibility via a cloud-based portal, allowing developers to create custom APIs and securely expose APIs to internal or external consumers.

The Oracle application integration suite offers prebuilt integrations so organizations don't have to start from scratch. It also gives enterprises the ability to incorporate best practices from other customers and to leverage an organization's tenant ID to preconfigure connectivity to SaaS applications into the integration platform. The application middleware suite has a redefined user experience so all user personas, including line of business and applications IT can collaborate with integration developers and architects. The Oracle application integration suite of tools also provides organizations integration platform portability that supports dynamic business requirements such as increased business regulations that require a fast migration of the integration solution from cloud to on-premises. Oracle's ICS also features a redesigned drag and drop user interface that requires no prior knowledge of what needs to be integrated.

Oracle SOA Suite/Oracle SOA Cloud Service is targeted at medium-to-large enterprises with advanced integration needs.  Oracle Integration Cloud Service is designed for small and medium-sized firms. Oracle's integration offerings work for any industry.

Oracle ICS and Oracle SOA Cloud Service are part of the Oracle Cloud Platform and are designed around common standards for security and user experience. The on-premises version, Oracle SOA Suite, is part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, and also shares security, collaboration, integration and process continuity throughout the platform. Oracle's data integration offering, Oracle Data Integrator, is embedded with Oracle's application integration solutions to enable data integration between cloud and on-premises systems.

All on-premises versions run on UNIX and Linux operating systems.

Both subscription-based and on-premises perpetual licensing are available. Oracle ICS is offered in standard and enterprise edition. The standard edition is priced at $1,300 per month and features two out-of-the-box connections with the ability to add up to four additional connections. The enterprise edition is $3,900 per month and features six out-of-the-box connections with the ability to add up to four additional connections. You can add more connections to either edition for $650 a month.

More details for Oracle ICS can be found on the product page.

For a comprehensive listing of Oracle's on-premises price list, see the Oracle Technology Global Price List.

All of Oracle's application integration products are sold through Oracle partners and Oracle direct, both on-premises and in the cloud. Organizations can contact an Oracle sales rep to enroll in a private trial of Oracle Integration Cloud Service. 

Oracle Support contracts are available for licensed software.

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